Hilthart Pedersen
Hilthart Pedersen is a german landscape and urban photographer currently living in Hamburg, Germany. 
I am a web designer, project manager, photographer, and consultant in Germany. My interests range from photography, traveling and IT-Services to project management. I am also interested in archaeology, history, and technology as part of my daily work.
You can click the links below to view my photographic portfolio and for purchase of Images and my travel themed blog. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any of the social links below.
My Images are showcasing adventure photography playing with colours of red, yellow, green and blue. There are things or abstracts like the inconspicuous, Cloudscape - things at my feet - a colorful world of grains of sand on the sea beach, fleeing shadows on the wall, the short illumination of a house, as a ray of sunlight breaking through dreary rain clouds.
You are welcome to support me at Paypal. You may also find me on Instagram as createurdeimagination and as h3palpha for black and white photography.